The Blood Report, 2021

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“What does it mean to have periods in India?”

We asked 3,500 menstruators

across 31 states and 7 age groups.

Approximately 355 million menstruators bleed in India. Often without medical support, without access to period products, while facing the stigma in silence.

The Blood Report is an effort by RIO and Schbang to capture their social, economic, medical and psychological experiences through a comprehensive research report.

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Because no person should have to feel impure when on their period. Because every young girl, every young boy should be taught about menstruation in school. Because no person should lack access to a gynecologist over menstrual concerns. Because no person should have to live in silence when on their period.

Your menstrual concerns.

Menstrual experiences.

Menstrual journey.


And the first step to change is to record what needs to change.

Thus presenting, The Blood Report.

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The Blood Report is a social research study, by RIO x Schbang, on the current menstrual health

& hygiene landscape in India. Where we focus primarily on digitally aware citizens and their menstrual journeys, and divulge the realities behind both – the progress and the pre-existing problems. Where we aim to illuminate the stain of the stigma at different life stages of menstruators. Where we found that much of India still believes that women shouldn’t be allowed to enter religious places on their period, or touch any religious object on their period. Where we also noticed a silver lining – a slow but positive growth among the youth, in adopting more accepting and open values, attitudes, and behaviors.

Less awareness, and more silence

Perpetuates myths, misconceptions, and taboos.

Increases the knowledge gap in addressing these taboos.

Aggravates the situation for vulnerable communities in rural India.

While we acknowledge the progress on this subject, with policy focus, problem-solution strategies, and in the rationale of menstruators… there is great potential for significant improvements in multiple domains.

We can make a difference to accelerate

Gender equality

Health and hygiene education

Employment generation

Empowerment of vulnerable populations

Mass awareness

Accessibility to information and resources

Normalization of conversations, behaviors, and practices

And then some more.

Help us make the difference, see the difference, live the difference

By listening to the many voices of menstruators in India.

Right here, in The Blood Report.