The Blood Report, 2021

“What does it mean to have periods in India?”

We asked 3,500 menstruators

across 31 states and 7 age groups.

Approximately 355 million menstruators bleed in India. Often without medical support, without access to period products, while facing the stigma in silence.

The Blood Report is an effort by RIO and Schbang to capture their social, economic, medical and psychological experiences through a comprehensive research report.


Because no person should have to feel impure when on their period. Because every young girl, every young boy should be taught about menstruation in school. Because no person should lack access to a gynecologist over menstrual concerns. Because no person should have to live in silence when on their period.

Your menstrual concerns.

Menstrual experiences.

Menstrual journey.


And the first step to change is to record what needs to change.

Thus presenting, The Blood Report.