I am a second-generation entrepreneur, committed to the diaper manufacturing business.

Friends Maternity Pads are made by us, used by new mothers to absorb the postpartum bleeding that is several times above ‘normal menses’.

“12 years Kartu!?!”

said my wife, as she smacked me across my shoulders! It had been 12 years to us dating, 2 years into our marriage, and 24 hours before my ‘smack’, I had given her a pack of Friends Maternity Pads.

On the eve of The Smack, I had returned from our factory and had gone to meet my wife for dinner. While we were entering the restaurant, my wife paused, then exclaimed in surprise, and looked down disparagingly at her, but hastily grabbed dinner purse, as it wasn’t stocked for ‘bloody’ emergencies.

She extended her hand towards mine, only to be disappointed! See, I usually carry spare sanitary napkins for her; but as I had my travel bag, I had no spares to spare.

Rather than meander outside towards a chemist, I made the life-changing decision of grabbing a sample pack of maternity pads from the car and handing them to her.


Cut to the evening I receive The Smack, the realization dawned that we could be solving a genuine need here! The reason I even had maternity pads in my car, was because I was bringing them back for my mother to use during her menopause. Two months later, I was giving away cases for free, as friends and family started migrating to the product.

Almost 2 years later, we launched RIO.

A product designed for women who are using multiple pads at the same time, the ones who are checking for stains on an hourly basis, the ones who set 2-hour alarms every night to ‘check’.


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There are no pauses in periods, as there are none in life.

The entire RIO team sincerely hopes to make a difference in women’s’ lives; especially the ones who believe that a better alternative can’t exist. NOW, IT DOES!

By Kartik Johari

VP, Marketing & Commerce

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