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Are heavy flow pads uncomfortable?

Not for those who need them! Heavy flow pads are built to help women dealing with conditions such as PCOS, menopause or endometriosis that cause more than normal amounts of blood to be expelled by the body during a period. These women require thicker, longer pads with greater absorbency to stay leak- and stain-free.


What are Flow Guards?

Our R & D has indicated that dips along the length of the pad can cause liquid to trickle down the inner thigh. Our raised flow guards, made of hydrophobic or water-repulsive sheets, forms a barricade against this locking in any possible leaks.


Do I need a heavy flow pad?

Are you having to change your pad every two to three hours? Are you constantly afraid of staining and leakage due to pads overflowing? Does your flow feel extremely heavy with the presence of huge, coin-sized clots? You could be suffering from heavy flow and should switch over to a specialised pad.


What is RIO?

RIO is the first Indian sanitary pad for heavy flow period. RIO Pads have been specially designed keeping in mind the needs of women suffering from heavy flow periods.