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Why choose Heavy Duty Pads over Menstrual Cups for Heavy Flow


Every month millions of women have to deal with their own personal ‘Red Wedding’ and still, there are so many options for menstrual hygiene that rarely get discussed. Due to misinformation, less information and taboo surrounding the topic, women do not know which is the right product for them during heavy flow days. It doesn’t have to remain a mystery!

While not everyone in the industry has moved from blue liquid to red there have been different products introduced in the market to deal with periods. While we have progressed from cloths to heavy-duty pads for periods and menstrual cups, the main question remains: Which one is better for heavy period flow?

Menstrual cups are a modern-day solution but are they the best alternative for heavy flow? A menstrual cup is a funnel-shaped cup made of either rubber or silicone that you use to collect period fluid. The cup can last up to 12 hours if you have light to medium flow bleeding. But whether you should cup it or not when you are on your heavy flow is the right question. While environmental benefits, long-lasting and leakproof days are some of the pros of using cups, let’s look at some of the cons:

1. Rise, clean, reinsert.

Removing & cleaning it can be messy and doing so in a public bathroom may cause embarrassment as well. The choice is between the noise of removing your pad and cleaning your bloody cup with the water available and reinserting in.

2. It is not going in!

Younger girls and those who’ve never had intercourse may find it difficult to insert the cups. And, if you have an IUD in place, using a menstrual cup could pull the IUD strings and dislodge it. Be careful!

3. Cause, comfort trumps all.

Uterine fibroids, which can cause heavy periods and pelvic pain may cause extreme discomfort. The same goes for women with endometriosis, which can result in painful menstruation and penetration.

You don’t have to go through the pain if you are used to your using non-intrusive pads. What if there is a way to gain without any pain? There are heavy-duty pads made solely with the intention to help manage a heavy flow period. Cause for the heavy flow it can’t be a slim trim napkin but something heavy-duty, like a heavy-duty pad for heavy flow days.

Heavy flow pads can take care of a few of the benefits cups provide as well:

Looooong Lasting:

Many women on heavy period flow days change anywhere from between 7-8 sanitary napkins a day as frequently as 2 hours. A heavy flow pad with the right amount of SAP and 3X more absorption than a regular sanitary napkin can ensure the number of times you change is less. Ps: You still should change every 4-5 hours (Let’s all be hygienic)

Daagh ache hai? Maybe not always.

Heavy flow pads have side leak guards which are made of the hydrophobic sheets which ensure that no liquid falls outside the absorbing area of the pad hence it acts as a wall. No leakage, no stains, no daaghs.

So if you suffer from the heavy flow and are tired of your slim trim napkin and too scared to try a cup, don’t stress there is always a solution.  With RIO Pads, menstruation doesn’t have to be stressful anymore!


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