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Why are the RIO Pads Preferred Over Traditional Sanitary Napkins?


For a long time, women have used cloth or sanitary napkins with chlorine/latex for their periods. With time, women switched to safer alternatives.  Today, they're collectively marching ahead and demanding better pads, which do not subject their bodies to harmful chemicals, resulting in rashes and skin irritation.

But is there any alternative that allows women to move freely without worrying about staining or skin rashes? The RIO pads.

RIO Pads: Dedicated Pads for Heavy Flow

A woman suffering from Menorrhagia knows the pain of changing 7 to 8 pads a day, with one pad working for roughly 2 hours. Even the condition of PCOD or Menopause leads to heavy flow, resulting in multiple usages of pads in a single day.

But life is not meant to be spent locked in the bathroom! Switch to heavy-duty RIO pads for heavy period flow and rid yourself of frequent visits to the bathroom. Made to absorb 3X more than a normal sanitary napkin, RIO pads absorb blood clots and gushes and also locks-in the period odour.

RIO Pads vs Sanitary Napkins

You know that RIO pads are suitable for heavy flow periods. But you must be wondering what other superpowers they have. Your worries in thinking are RIO pads good will cease with their use. RIO pads come with a diverse range of benefits as listed below. Read on to make your choice between RIO pads vs sanitary napkins.

Dedicated to Heavy Flow

RIO pads are made to handle one job flawlessly, and that is to soak an enormous amount of blood flow. It is the first Indian-based menstrual hygiene brand that constitutes multiple layers to soak and absorb blood flow three times more than a traditional or ordinary sanitary napkin, leaving you feeling dry and comfortable. The pad is designed to absorb blood clots and gushes, and uses anti-bacterial SAP, which soaks up liquid and converts it into gel form.

Say No to Rashes and Skin Irritation

Usually, pads are associated with rashes and skin irritation. But RIO sanitary pads for heavy flow are changing the tide. With an upper cotton layer, anti-bacterial SAP, and chlorine and latex-free structure, RIO pads are good for your lady parts as they do not make them suffer the agony of rashes and irritation. The multiple layer and sublayer allows for fast liquid distribution, giving a dry and comfortable feel. Regardless of your flow, RIO pads will delicately perform their job without aggravating your skin.

Bye Wings, Hi Guards

Wondering why guards Vs. wings? The wings in RIO pads create a depression, allowing the liquid to pass through the gaps. Here come RIO pads with its Guards. Made of hydrophobic sheets, the guards act as a lining along the pad's length and fill the gaps created by wings.

XL from Every Angle

Lengthy and wide; this is what is meant by 'XL from every angle.' Every RIO pad is 350mm long and 140mm wide. Now, this is the XL size we've all been searching for! The bigger the size, the better protection works for every woman struggling with leakage due to heavy flow. RIO pads truly help to combat the heavy flow issue!

No Artificial Fragrance

In an endeavour to be skin-friendly, RIO pads are made without any artificial fragrance. But they do know their job of keeping you comfortable through your cycle. They're equipped with odour lock technology that seals the period odour from leaving the designated area.

3X Absorption Compared to Normal Sanitary Napkin

RIO pads offer complete coverage for the heavy blood flow, and allow for 3 times more absorption of blood, including clots and gushes. The thicker, wider, and longer structure of the pad further makes it the right choice for women who go through heavy period flow every month.

Are you still wondering are RIO pads good? If this explanation of RIO pads vs. sanitary napkins has still not convinced you to ditch your old pad brand and break your on-and-off relationship with the bathroom, why not read the customer reviews and give it a try. Let yourself enjoy more freedom and fewer worries during your next periods.


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