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If you haven’t been getting your periods like usual post-pregnancy, don’t be alarmed.  We would even go so far as to say, enjoy this blessing while you can, because when your periods are going to be back, they will hit you full force, baby.


The first period you get after pregnancy is known as the postpartum period. The duration of your periods, blood flow, and when the period is going to occur are some important things to know about postpartum periods.


Pregnancy changes a woman’s body in ways you might not even have expected. Your periods too undergo a change after pregnancy. Their big return will depend upon whether or not you are breastfeeding.

Generally, you might get your periods six to eight weeks after giving birth. If you are breastfeeding exclusively, meaning your baby is only dependent on your breastmilk, congratulations! You are free from periods for the duration of that time.

In some cases, regardless of whether you are breastfeeding or not, you get your periods after a few months.

Women who breastfeed don’t get their periods as easily because their bodies produce a hormone called prolactin which causes lactation. This hormone interferes with the working of the reproductive hormones, and you don’t ovulate or release an egg for fertilization as you normally would during your postpartum days.

Now, to answer everybody’s question – there is no standard duration for a woman’s period after postpartum. But a few things that you might experience after pregnancy are:

  • More painful period cramps or lighter cramps than usual
  • A heavy period postpartum
  • Small blood clots in your periods postpartum


Your periods postpartum might be different because of several reasons. You might be experiencing delayed periods because of prolactin interfering with your reproductive hormones. This phase of postpartum is termed postpartum anovulation.

Postpartum period heavy flow could be caused by the shedding of the blood and tissue that were lining the walls of your uterus during pregnancy; since they are no longer needed, in your next period, they will dispose of themselves in the form of a heavier flow through the vagina.


You might experience blood flow and vaginal discharge after your pregnancy. The blood is heavier, and you might find clots in it during the initial phase. Slowly, this blood will turn into a vaginal discharge called lochia. This lochia is clear, white, or red in color.

The vaginal discharge can go on for somewhere around six weeks. If you are not breastfeeding, your periods might return after these weeks. If your vaginal discharge stopped for a while, and then you started bleeding again, this might be your period.

A few ways to tell if what you are experiencing is periods or not are:

  • Lochia is generally described to have a “sweet smell” by women because it has the leftover tissues from your pregnancy.
  • Lochia immediately after pregnancy (within a week) is bright red and thicker. Your lochia after six weeks of pregnancy can’t be blood red or heavy.
  • If your bleeding increases or decreases as per your bodily exertions, it isn’t a period. This is lochia, and if this happens weeks after pregnancy, you should visit a doctor.

If you experience fluctuations in your cycle length, blood flow, or changes in the intensity of another period-related symptoms for up to a year after pregnancy, it is quite normal. Your body is just taking its time to adjust back to its normal routine after undergoing the drastic changes of pregnancy.


Postpartum periods are very difficult to manage since the flow is quite heavy. Opt for comfy, granny panties (as some might call them) as your period underwear postpartum. Your best choice is to go for period products that can take the flow for periods postpartum. RIO Heavy Duty Pads might be your best choice. They are made for women who experience a heavier flow.

  • RIO can take the flow like a pro
  • They are thicker and longer than regular pads while still being comfortable
  • They are engineered to soak blood clots so the surface remains dry
  • With double wings, you are doubly protected
  • Fits you perfectly, so there are no leaks
  • All RIO Pads are sulphur, paraben, and chemical fragrance-free

Choose RIO; choose a better period!

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