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What is Heavy Period Flow? Is Heavy Flow Normal?

Periods are one of the least talked about things, and no one discusses them, forget concerns related to them. If you think you are suffering from heavy flow and have queries about it, here’s all you need to know.

Does the constant pad changing get on your nerves? Do you feel like breaking things around because the pain is so unbearable? Trust us, we know how exactly it feels. Heavy periods are as common as they get. Around 20% of Indian women suffer from heavy flow menstruation on an average. While heavy periods might be a common phenomenon, there is no denying that they do have a major impact on the everyday life of a woman.

What is normal period flow?

The definition of normal menstrual flow varies from woman to woman, since every female body is unique. Most women on average tend to experience a flow of less than 80 ml.

What is heavy flow?

How much is heavy flow period, exactly? If the bleeding is 80 ml or more, it is considered heavy flow. To measure what is normal for you, it is important to note the frequency and the length of your period across cycles.

Reasons for heavy menstrual bleeding

Why do I have a heavy flow?

In a one off case, it might happen that you notice unusually heavy periods in one or two cycles. There could be various reasons for heavy menstrual bleeding, such as:

Consumption of Oral Contraceptives:

In most women, period flow becomes lighter when they consume contraceptive pills. If one has suddenly stopped consuming oral contraceptives, there is a chance that they may notice heavy periods as compared to their previous cycles.

Imbalanced hormone levels:

The uterine lining builds every month after each menstrual cycle, and sheds during each cycle. In case of hormonal imbalance, the uterine lining might build up thicker than usual, leading to heavy menstrual bleeding.


PCOS/PCOD is a condition commonly noticed in women, wherein the periods are irregular. The period flow tends to stop for a certain while and when it starts again, one notices heavy bleeding with clots.


Peri-menopause is the transition that leads to menopause. It could last anywhere from 4 to 10 months before menopause actually begins, and could start at 30 years of age, at the youngest. Women tend to notice heavy menstrual bleeding during this period.

When should you consult a doctor?

On average, normal blood loss is around 80 ml. However, some women experience more than 80 ml blood flow right from the first period. When this is consistent across months, it could put you at the risk of developing anemia. Before you consult a gynecologist, you need to ensure you are actually going through heavy periods. Here’s what is considered a heavy flow:

You change pads every couple of hours

You experience heavy bleeding with clots

You end up flooding through to your clothes and need extra sanitary protection

You experience extreme lower abdominal pain

Your period lasts longer than 8 days along with the above symptoms

In any of the above cases, you might need to visit your doctor for expert guidance. It is always ideal to be offered a blood test, so that anemia or any other problems can be tested for. As suggested above, there could be many underlying reasons behind your heavy periods. The doctor may therefore, also suggest a physical examination to check the same. In certain cases, there could also be other tests like ultrasound scan and hysteroscopy.

Sometimes, heavy periods can be controlled and treated with the help of medicines, but in certain other cases, it is only natural for the woman, based on her anatomical / health factors. Whether your heavy flow can be treated or not, it can always be dealt with effectively, with the right sanitary protection. RIO Heavy Duty Pads for Heavy Flow are specially designed to have you covered during your ‘bloody period’ - XL from all angles, each RIO pad is equipped with guards instead of wings. Wings tend to create a depression on the sides and can cause leakage, while guards are upright and thereby protect from unwanted staining. To add on to that, its antibacterial SAP helps absorb liquid faster and converts it into gel form. RIO pads are super safe for your skin, since the soft cottony top sheet helps to keep you rash and irritation-free, and they have no latex or artificial fragrance which can harm your skin.

Heavy flow may or may not have a treatment, but girls, you can always deal with it the smart way with RIO! Have you switched to RIO yet?


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