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A few days every month, your clothes don’t fit you the right way. It feels like you have gained weight or look swollen. It is frustrating; we understand.Most women experience symptoms of an oncoming period in the form of cramping, mood swings, anxiety, sensitive breasts, changes in sexual drive, and, yes, bloating.Bloating occurs when your period is about to start and lasts till a few days after you get your period. It might not always be preventable, but there are ways to reduce bloating.A reason for bloating before your period begins could be the fluctuations in your estrogen levels and a sharp and sudden drop in progesterone. Progesterone can also slow down your digestive activities, sometimes resulting in bloating.


A few ways to get rid of bloating without too much hassle are:
  • HYDRATE – Hydrate, but only with H2O. Chugging down fizzy, carbonated drinks can make you feel good temporarily. They will, however, leave you feeling more puffed up than before. If plain ol’ water is not doing it for you, make a sugar-free lemon sherbet, or mix in some mint leaves with water, try celery juice, green smoothies, etc.
  • CAFFEINE AND ALCOHOL - Skip alcohol and caffeine or limit your intake. Caffeine can cause dehydration, which in turn leads to water retention. Water retention= BLOATING. Alcohol can worsen premenstrual symptoms like mood swings, breast tenderness, irritability, and, of course, bloating.
  • FOOD - Consume low-sodium foods to reduce bloating quickly. Swap these foods with a more protein-filled diet. The same goes for healthy, high-fat foods like nuts and seeds; they can make you bloat easily. Foods like celery, cucumber, watermelon, etc., can make you feel lighter and more active.
  • EXERCISE – Sweat out your bloat. Exercise for bloating might prove really effective. Now, we are not asking you to go all gung ho. Keep it light in intensity. Go for a brisk walk, try light aerobics, yoga or swimming. When your heart rate goes up, bloating goes down. Additionally, exercising can help your digestive system get to work faster.
If these ways to relieve bloating are not proving effective, you might want to consider taking a trip to your health care provider.Irritation and discomfort are the last things we want to deal with in our periods. How to avoid those? Simple, opt for pads that are soft and absorbent. Wear RIO Pads for maximum comfort. RIO has a soft and comfortable top sheet, which not only prevents rashes and irritation but also gives you freedom from wetness and blood clots on the top. An antibacterial top layer with the goodness of aloe vera and jojoba extracts provides gentle care. It hugs you in all the right places to prevent leaks.Choose a better period; choose RIO!These were our tips on how to reduce bloating in four easy ways. If you have more tips to reduce bloating up your sleeve, spill those secrets in the comments section below!


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