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Types of Sanitary Pads to Pick From

Throughout the ages, women have used all kinds of menstrual protection. Before the times of commercially available menstrual hygiene products, women used pieces of clothes or rags as makeshift pads to absorb their menstrual flow. That’s where the menstrual euphemism ‘on the rag’ came from (now you know it).

The first mention of menstrual protection in the annals of history is a very interesting one, we think you should hear it. Hypatia, a female Alexandrian philosopher from the 4th century AD, was so beautiful and attractive that one of her admirers who attended her lectures fell in love with her. Unable to contain his desire, he informed her of his affection for her. Hypatia, the skillful and eloquent in words and prudent and civil in deeds, tried to wake the young man from his disease but to no avail, the young man wouldn’t sway. Hypatia brought some of her used rags and threw them before him, and said, "You love this, o youth, and there is nothing beautiful about it." The young man was ashamed and surprised at the unpleasant sight, and he was brought back to his mind.

This little story portrays menstruation as an ugly and repulsive side of women, but what we should pay attention to is how the young man couldn’t love her after what he saw. Hypatia knew the young man was blinded by her beauty and called it love, hence, she calls his love a disease. If his love was true, he would have embraced everything and every part of her for his love for her.

We have come a long way from back then, we are taught to not be ashamed of our periods and embrace it, we’ve been taught to call it self-love! Hmm...we went off track, let’s get back to business!

Managing menstruation is convenient now more than ever. The games changed once commercially available, disposable period products were introduced. Now there’s a world of period products to address the concerns of women and to make your painful days more comfortable.

But this world of products also comes with its fair share of confusion, “Now, which one should I choose?”. There are so many different types of pads for periods that it all can seem overblown and confusing. But every woman is different and so are their periods and needs. From Organic pads to reusable pads, scented pads, super-absorbent pads, ultra-thin pads, odor locking pads, you name it! There are period pads for EVERY need!

We are here today to help you make the right choice for yourself.

Types of Period Pads to Fit Your Needs

Browse through your different types of sanitary pads options to find one that matches your needs.

Panty Liners

Panty liners are very similar to sanitary pads - only less absorbent, smaller and thinner. However unlike sanitary pads, which are used during period days, panty liners are intended to be used during non-period days when you might suffer vaginal discharge and/or period spotting, post intercourse discharge, etc.

Just like pads, panty liners can be stuck onto your panties, but they do not have the added protection of wings that sanitary pads do.

How to use panty liners?

Using a sanitary napkin is as easy as using a panty liner. Simply take off the protective strip to reveal the bottom adhesive, then firmly press the panty liner into place. You're done now! Ensure that the liner is secure throughout the day. Remember to replace your panty liner every three to five hours and if it feels damp.

Regular Pads

Regular pads are most commonly used to manage light to medium flow during your period days. They must usually be changed every 3-4 hours or even more frequently if you decide to wear regular pads when your flow is heavy.

Regular pads usually come with a single pair of wings to secure them in place but many other features. RIO Sanitary Pads makes two styles of regular sanitary pads that you can try for yourself— RIO Cottony Soft and RIO Comfort Weave.

Heavy Flow Pads

Usually thicker than their regular counterparts, heavy flow pads are for days when your flow is heavy, and you can’t change your pads as often as you’d wish to. Got a picnic, function or a super-long meeting planned where you absolutely cannot afford to leave a stain? Heavy flow pads periods are your answer.

A common concern that comes up with extra-absorbent pads is their thickness. But, did you know that RIO makes sanitary pads that absorb 3X more than your regular sanitary pad but still feel thin and comfortable? At the same time, they are the perfect pick for the first and second days of your periods when your flow is at its heaviest.

RIO Pads were made for heavy duty of women who bleed heavy. RIO pads are:

  • Longer thicker and wider.
  • 3 times more absorbent.
  • With raised flow guards to contain side leaks and trickles of blood.
  • Two pairs of wings for added safety.
  • 100% harmful chemicals, fragrance and sulphur, chlorine and latex free.

Better your period with RIO!

Organic Pads

Crunchy moms or in our cases— individuals might tell you otherwise, but organic sanitary pads are a total sham. No pad is ever organic enough to be tagged ‘organic.’ Moreover, the burden of saving the environment shouldn’t fall on the shoulders of bleeding women most of whom barely have enough resources for a safe, humane period let alone buying expensive organic sanitary pads. If you want to know more about organic sanitary pads as compared to regular pads, feel free to read our blog.

Reusable Pads

Reusable pads are washable and have a slit in the middle to insert absorbent liners depending on your flow. They can be changed as often as normal pads and can last several years. However, they come with many maintenance requirements. If they are not washed and disinfected properly, they can harbor bacteria and infect the user. So, they must be cleaned and disinfected thoroughly after every use.

- Conclusion of Types of Sanitary Pads

Now that you are familiar with the different types of menstrual pads, choosing the type of pad is entirely up to you and your preferences and priorities. You can also switch between multiple types of pads based on your situation, period flow and the time of the day.

If you want to explore a little more and are especially feeling adventurous, you can also use tampons and menstrual cups to deal with your periods. If you have any more doubts or queries, let us know in the comments below!


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