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Grappling with questions such as which are the best pads for periods and what are the best pads for heavy periods? Choosing the right pad for yourself can be a bit of a challenge because there are so many different types of pads for periods available in the market today. We are here to help YOU find your perfect pad; let’s dive in! Types of menstrual pads:

With time, there have been a lot of changes made in the lives of menstruating people, with pads, menstrual cups, tampons, period underwear, etc. There’s a lot to choose from. Here are types of sanitary pads for you.

  1. Disposable pads – These are the typical pads that almost all women use and are aware of. These pads have an absorbent sheet on top which collects all the menstrual blood; they have a plastic back sheet with a layer of adhesive so that the pad can easily stick to an undergarment. These pads are disposed of after a single-use. There are different types of disposable pads available in the markets; let’s know more about them.
    • Panty liners – These are smaller and thinner pads which are practical for when your cycle is at its end and the flow is negligible. They are not useful for the start of your cycle because they’re much smaller than the regular pads, and panty liners can only absorb a very small amount of blood.
    • Regular pads – These are the pads which have a normal absorbency. They’re widely used by women.
    • Extra large pads – These are used by women generally at the beginning of their cycles when the flow tends to be at its heaviest. They are also used by women who have a heavy flow all throughout their cycles.
    • Overnight pads – These tend to be longer in size, and some overnight pads also have a wide back to avoid leakage from the back while sleeping.

RIO is the best pad for heavy periods. RIO pads are specially designed pads for women who have a heavier flow. They are ideal for you if you bleed anything between 40-90 ml of blood during your period. These are thicker, longer and provide great protection from stains and leaks. Women with a heavy flow tend to have clots come out along with the menstrual blood, but the best part about RIO pads, they are designed to soak the clots too. With double wings for double protection, they prevent leaks and stains, keep you dry and feel amazing! RIO pads are sulphur, parabens and artificial fragrance-free. If you have a heavy flow, give it a try and choose for yourself!

Choose a better period; choose RIO!

Are there reusable pads?

Yes! If the disposable pads give you a feeling of guilt because of all the excess trash, there are reusable pads available in the market. The reusable pads are made out of fabric. As the name suggests, these are meant for reuse. You can wash and reuse them! Reusable pads are eco-friendlier options because they cause significantly less litter compared to disposable pads.

Here comes the main question, how do I choose the right pad for myself? Here’s how:

  • Assess your menstrual cycle and pay attention to how your flow is.
  • Make comfort your top most priority. Find a pad that feels the most comfortable.
  • Choose the right size and length for yourself.
  • Look for pads which have a good absorbance. Leaks and stains are very common, and pads with low absorbency can cause a problem in this matter.
  • Always check the composition of the pads you use. Pads can cause itching, rashes, etc. Checking the composition also protects you from any infections or allergies you might have from something which is used to manufacture the pad.

And that’s it, folks! Remember, wearing the right pad is key to comfort-filled periods so take your time to find the best pad for yourself!


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