No Pause in Menopause

Tips to deal with Menopause at your workplace

In an era where women are multi-managing their lives and prioritizing home and career, taking time off work during menopause might not always be an option. Read on to know more about managing your professional and personal life before and during menopause.

Gone are the days when women sat at home handling chores and children. Working is not just a necessity today, it is a choice. Women in this generation are ambitious and progressive, and take their career just as seriously as every other aspect of their life. Hence, quitting work after a certain age is a big no-no, especially when you have glass ceilings to shatter and goals to achieve. A high ambition level also demands extreme dedication and the drive to work, irrespective of your personal situation in life. So when you are faced with an unpredictable situation like menopause, where you have mood swings, hot flashes and heavy flow, how do you deal with it?

Unfortunately, menopause at work is not taken as seriously as it should be. Part of it could be because of lack of awareness about the condition, but mainly because people do not understand the severity of the condition and the impact it has on a woman’s life. Due to these circumstances, it is always better when you are aware of your own condition, and have prepared for it. 

Menopause usually occurs during the age range of 45 to 55, but in some cases, it could start as early as your 30s or early 40s. The condition is preceded by a phase called perimenopause, which could begin as early as 4 years before menopause. Perimenopause is characterized by tender breasts, fatigue, urinary incontinence and majorly heavy flow. Periods tend to get irregular and painful. Do not let these symptoms hamper your work. Wear a well-fitting soft bra, eat healthy and stay tension-free during heavy flow with a heavy duty pad like RIO. RIO pads are equipped with guards instead of wings to effectively prevent leakage. Powered by an antibacterial SAP which converts liquid to gel and keeps you dry, each RIO pad is XL from all angles and gives you complete coverage for a longer duration. While you might need to change 7-8 ordinary sanitary napkins a day due to heavy flow, you only need to change 3-4 RIO heavy duty pads in a day. Not only is this a smarter choice economically, but also one that lets you focus on your work while taking care of your menstrual flow.

If you are already going through menopause, below are certain tips you can follow at your workplace:

  1. Seating according to temperature:

    One of the major menopause symptoms is hot flashes. Since a hot flash can occur anytime during the day, change your seating position and sit closer to where the air conditioning is. Also, ask at work if you can shift desks as per your physical condition from time to time. Request for a laptop, if you are currently working on a desktop, so as to help with the mobility.
  2. Stress Management:

    Off work, practice stress management activities like meditation, yoga etc. and keep yourself as stress-free as possible. Too much stress can lead to weight gain, and also put you at a risk of depression, especially since mood swings are a common occurrence during menopause.
  3. Focus on wellness, not just fitness:

    Another important menopause symptom is fatigue. To avoid letting it get the better of you, it is important to eat healthy meals and resort to healthy snacking throughout the day. Also, remember to keep your portions under control. Just dieting would be pointless, if you are not exercising regularly. Choose the form which is most convenient for you - go for lighter exercises if you have limb or muscle issues, or go for heavier ones, if you’re blessed with an already fit anatomy. Ensure that you get enough sleep and prioritize your mental health, just as much as your physical health.

Ladies, dedication to work is a rare quality and it is your achievements that create your legacy. But remember, your health is just as important as your career. Do not be afraid to speak up in your organization about menopause and seek the required support. It is our joint efforts that would help destigmatize this condition and make workplaces menopause-friendly for all women.


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