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What Causes Two Periods in One Month?

Understanding the Menstrual Cycle

An average menstrual cycle for an adult lasts anywhere between 24- 38 days. Menstrual cycle for a preteen is 38 days or longer. No two women have the same menstrual cycle. it is unique to the point that you may not experience a period of the same intensity you experienced in your previous cycle. so, it becomes more important to know what your ‘normal’ is.

Short Menstrual Cycle

It is alright if your cycle varies every month. You might have experienced a 29-day cycle in one month, then experienced a 32- day cycle right in the next. If your cycle is shorter then you might even experience 2 periods in one month, one at the beginning of the month and one around the end. This is no cause for concern.

If you experience bleeding outside of your normal menstrual cycle and suspect, you might be having two periods in one month then here’s what you need to do:

Check if it’s an actual period or just spotting. During a period, you might soak through pads and tampons, but this does not happen if you’re just experiencing menstrual spotting.

What causes a woman to menstruate twice in a month?

These might be some of the other reasons for getting periods after 15 days again:

1. Birth control

Taking birth control pills might be one of the reasons for short menstrual cycle. Birth control pills alter your hormones and sometimes introduce new ones. It makes the lining of your uterus thinner, which lightens and shortens your periods. So, can you get your period twice in a month? Yes, if you are on birth control.

2. Pregnancy

If you are pregnant, you might notice some spotting. This is not uncommon and this spotting can sometimes be mistaken for a period. If you notice bleeding during pregnancy, inform your doctor immediately.

3. Uterine Polyps or Fibroids

Uterine polyps or fibroids can be one of the causes of short menstrual cycle. Often, periods that occur too frequently are one of its first symptoms. Uterine fibroids can cause more bleeding than usual by putting more than usual against the uterine lining. The uterus cannot stop the bleeding because it is unable to contract properly. Fibroids may stimulate the growth of blood vessels, which can result in heavier or irregular periods and spotting between periods.

4. Thyroid issues

The thyroid gland can impact your menstrual cycle too. Too little or too much of thyroid hormones can cause irregularities in your menstrual cycle including infrequent, too frequent or absent periods.


Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome is a condition in which the menstrual cycle goes haywire. PCOS can sometimes make you experience heavy periods twice a month. Chaotic menstrual cycles are nothing out of the ordinary for sufferers of PCOS. You should keep making frequent visits to your doctor and keep them posted about the changes you’re experiencing.

6. Stress

Stress puts your body in a fight or flight mode. It can also affect your reproductive system adversely. Extreme levels of stress can make it harder for you to conceive by negatively affecting your reproductive hormones.

7. Weight Fluctuations

Women who have a lot of fat on their bodies ovulate less often because the weight also affects their hormonal levels. If you were overweight before and have recently lost a lot of weight, you might start having lighter periods and periods that show up more often.

8. Endometriosis

Endometriosis can cause spotting or bleeding between periods. Sometimes the spotting is heavy enough that it may seem like another period. Endometriosis can cause a lot of other issues as well that need to be treated by a professional.

9. Early menopause

Early menopause can be one of the causes of 2 periods in one month. Your hormones become unbalanced and unstable during this phase, so noticing a few things that are not usual for you might not be a cause to worry.

10. Sexually transmitted infection (STI)

“Why did I get my period twice in one month?” Were you sexually active in recent times? If yes, then visiting a doctor might be a good idea. Your doctor can check you for sexually transmitted infections and guide you on the proper treatment path.

When to Consult a Doctor

So, is it normal to have period twice a month? Yes, if you have a shorter menstrual cycle. But, if you’re passing really large blood clots or feel very tired or short of breath, make a visit to your doctor. Just to be sure that things are alright.


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