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PMS: Why Do You Get Premenstrual Mood Changes – You Shouldn’t Be Ashamed

“Why are you getting cranky?” “Look at you, as if the 'Angry Bird' inside you is all awake all of a sudden.” “Is it that period of the month?” “You should have worn something loose-fitted, your tummy looks bloated.” “Ew!” “Are you PMSing?” “Have you tried the period cup, or you still use those age-old period pads?”, and the list of comments goes on.

We know women are sick and tired of hearing such comments and advice on menstruation. Miss Moody, Miss Attitude, Chum, Aunt Flo, Period Cup, God knows what nicknames they get during their periods, or even their mood is off regardless of that. And that does not end here. Buying period products publicly is still a taboo when we are in the 21st century.

Menstruation and PMS go hand in hand!

Episodes of mood swings are not new during periods, and there is nothing to be ashamed of. At Rio Pads, we stand by our opinion that women should not be ashamed of menstruation, bloodstains, discussing heavy flow period products such as period cup and period pads, and, of course, PMSing. 

Do you feel embarrassed when your stomach gets upset? Do you feel embarrassed while answering nature's call? No, right? It is as simple as that, and no woman should suffer in silence as if they have committed a sin.

Many studies reveal that near about 80% of women experience some of the PMS symptoms when menstruating. The symptoms can range from minor to severe cramps, mood swings, and bloating, among others. For some women, PMS is nothing sort of an event other than bleeding and minor irritation. However, for some, it is utterly overwhelming and painful. 

If your menstrual period is too much, you can try using RIO heavy flow period products. Using the right period cup or period pads can definitely lift your mood while keeping you dry and feeling fresh.

Why do premenstrual mood changes occur?

So like the very hit number, “Why This Kolaveri Di?”, do you often wonder why this PMS di? All jokes aside and on a serious note, let's have a look at some of the possible reasons behind the Premenstrual roller coaster ride of emotions.

According to the experts, the exact causes of mood swings are not clear. However, Ms Hormonal Fluctuations and her allies are the ones who should be held responsible for the same, in most cases, if not all.

Hormonal imbalance

Progesterone and Oestrogen go downright below within a few days before your menstrual period. This imbalance is significant. However, there is more to it.


You happen to ovulate halfway during your menstrual cycle. As your ovaries release the egg during this time, the levels of Progesterone and Oestrogen tend to go down while emotional and physical symptoms happen to surface, and the world knows only one thing- that we are PMSing. 


Some people believe that if you are under a  lot of stress owing to whatever crisis you are going through in your life, you PMS- a lot! Although stress does not cause PMS, it can surely make it more critical. Some studies hint that the chemistry between brain fluids and female hormones is pretty much intertwined. Therefore, PMS affects your mood.

Feeling Irritated VS Feeling Down

Now Oestrogen and Progesterone oversee separate areas of your mood. While the former dominates behaviour like anger and irritability, the latter makes you feel down, stressed, and weepy.

Family history of depression

Around 3% to 8% of women suffer from PMDD (Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder) when menstruating. This condition makes them more prone to depression and mood swings. Unfortunately, if anyone in your family has suffered from postpartum depression, the risks of PMDD are more for you. Therefore, no women should take their menstruation-induced mood changes and depression lightly and try to manage the symptoms as much as possible.

Do the period talks

Dear ladies, denying the dominion of hormones on your mind and body is like denying nature itself. So, try not to hide it or suffer in silence. Your body undergoes a lot of changes during the menstrual cycle. Even if you don't acknowledge the influence of hormones, it is not going to get any better. Talking about it with your partner or your doctor is a good idea. Take part in activities that make you comfortable- whether it is trying different period products until you find the right one or choosing a period cup over period pads. 

Do not compromise with hygiene!

Did you know, on an average, a woman used around 13, 000-period pads or tampons in her lifetime? Therefore choosing the right period products is supremely essential. Rio Heavy Flow Pads are chlorine-free, artificial fragrance-free and latex-free and made using touchless technology to make sure that your skin loves it. The best part - all of these features are available at an affordable price. So, go for it, ladies.


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    Thank you for understanding

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