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How to Prevent Leaking During Your Period?

Not familiar with period leaks? Not a chance if you experience menstruation! Frankly, if you ask us, it’s a rite of passage for menstruators to experience leaks. There are two types of menstruators in this world:

  • Those who have experienced leaks in the past and will probably experience it again.
  • Those who have experienced leaks and swore they will make better decisions to ensure this doesn’t happen again.

Which category do you belong to? We are guessing it’s the first if you are reading this blog. “How to avoid leakage during your period?” and “how to sleep during period to avoid leakage?” are questions all of us were plagued by at some points in our life. Keep going to find the answers!

Period leaks: Why do they happen?

Leaks are never convenient! Especially the ones that happen within the public eye. The trickle of blood down your leg, the wetness and then a huge, red, noticeable blood stain. One moment you’re living your life and within the next you are awfully aware of your lady- parts drawing a lot of unwanted attention. A small leak turns into a huge mid-life crisis, no matter the age.

A period leak is often times the result of a failed menstrual product. It’s that simple. Either your pad was crooked because it couldn’t stay put in its place, or the length was not sufficient, or the pad couldn’t take the flow. If regular flows can have you experience leaks, then imagine the anxiety that a person with a heavy flow has to undergo during those dreaded 5 days of the month.

Why period leaks are more common at night?

Most of us began our journeys towards the right period products with a simple question - how to keep period from leaking? And that led us to pose a more complex question to ourselves - how to avoid leakage during your period at night?

Let’s be real, when you’re sleeping like you’re running a marathon all throughout the month, toh periods me savdhaan rehna is just not possible! It’s the weird sleeping positions that are to blame. That, or you are not changing your pads before going to sleep. When your pad is at its maximum absorption capacity already, it’s bound to leak at some point in the night.

Leaking through the pads is a sad reality for almost all heavy menstruators. “How to avoid leaks on your period?” has a permanent space in their minds. These poor souls have to go so far as to stack up pads on top of each other, avoiding white clothes or carrying long shawls and jackets for dual protection from the critical eye in case accidents do happen.

This is why, we are here! RIO Heavy Duty Pads for heavy menstrual flow. RIO pads have been engineered to take a heavy flow like a pro! RIO pads are:

  • Filled with world- class SAP (Super Absorbent Polymer) that instantly absorbs liquid blood and turns it into gel form 
  • Enhanced with a strong adhesive layer to keep the pad in place
  • Shaped like an hourglass, to catch the flow at the front and back of the pad 
  • Armed with two pairs of wings to keep you doubly protected 
  • 3X more absorbent than regular pads 
  • Engineered to soak liquid blood as well as blood clots to keep the surface dry and moisture free 

Choose a better period, choose RIO!

How to stop period leaking at night?

Here’s a few things to consider doing right before you jump into bed:

Choose the right underwear- Choose a snug-fitting underwear that covers your butt cheeks and vulvar region properly. Cotton panties also make for a good sticking surface for the wings of a pad. When the pad stays put in its place, you experience less leakage.

Change your pad right before going to bed– Yes, a pad that has already reached half of its capacity will not last the whole night. So, try changing your pads before going to bed. You will also sleep better since your pad will remain dry for longer.

Period tracking- There’s an app for everything these days, bless technology! A period tracking app can help you determine when your next period is round the corner and plan ahead. A tracker will also help in predicting when things are about to be extra bloody so you are ready and armed with all your period products.

Sleep in a comfortable position – How to sleep during periods to avoid stains? Your pad is likely to sustain the most number of injuries during night time. Try sleeping in a comfortable position, or switch up your sleeping style. If you sleep on your back, try sleeping on your side, and if you sleep on your stomach then switch it up with some other position you find comfortable.

Try a different period product – If you still haven’t found your holy grail product, don’t give up yet. Keep looking! The market has all sorts of products for everyone’s needs, you just haven’t found the one made for you yet. Through trial and error, you will surely find menstrual products that suit your needs.

This was all from us today! If you have more tips, tricks and hacks to prevent those dreadful leaks, comment with them below :)


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