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Your gudiya is finally old enough. They grow up so fast! It feels like yesterday when she was running around in her diaper, and it’s already time to wear sanitary pads.

She might be daunted; she will look up to you for courage and support. You should be prepared to give her all that she needs to have a comfortable period; whether it’s arming her with the right information or choosing the right pad, it is all up to you.

You struggled with cloth pads when you started your periods. You don’t want her to have the same experiences, but just how do you find her the best period pads?

If a dad is reading this, we know your struggles too. It can be pretty overwhelming to choose the right products for your daughter, especially when you don’t have any experience in such matters yourself.

Let us help out all of you who are struggling to find the best pads for girls who have just started their periods.


You need to keep a lot of things in mind. The pad should be absorbent, long-lasting, comfortable, and, most importantly, prevent any leaks. Kids can be really mean to each other; you don’t want your daughter to become the butt of jokes because of a small incident. A few things that you should look for are:

  • Good absorbency – The most important thing to consider when choosing a pad is the amount of blood it can absorb, not just that but also how quickly the blood is absorbed. There should be no possibility of backflow when pressure is applied to the centre during activities such as sitting.


 The blood that has been absorbed should not look bright red; it’ll mean that the blood is sitting on the top-most layer of the pad. The colour of the blood should be dull; this means that the top layers of the pad will remain dry, and you can go about your day without worrying about leakage.

 There are different types of sanitary pads available in the market today. There are day and night pads. The pads meant to be worn during the daytime are shorter. The pads meant to be worn at night are longer.

  The longer the pads, the more blood they can absorb. Night pads also have guards for your hips and your sides to prevent any leakages when you lie down. This is how to choose the right pad size for your daughter as per her needs. 

  • Comfort – The top layer of sanitary pads is made up of cotton or is plastic netted. Every girl’s needs are different; their skin could react to different materials differently. Your daughter might prefer a sanitary pad that is cottony soft, or she might prefer a netted top layer.


Ideally you should give them a sanitary pad, which has a cotton top layer because the material also affects breathability. A lot of us have suffered through rashes and irritation, not realising that the solution is simply to switch to a cotton sanitary pad.

  • Adhesive, leak guards, and wings – These are just extras in a pad, but you will be surprised at how easy they can make your periods. Find a pad with a strong adhesive on its back; it is extremely helpful in making the pad stay where it should be.


 You can find regular pads with wings to help secure it in its place. Women usually prefer pads with wings as it gives them the extra assurance they need.

 Leak guards ensure nothing from the sides or the back spills out.

 We see that you have been looking for the best pads for the first period and wondering what brand makes the best sanitary pads in India. Look no further!

We have something that will make your life a lot easier if you don’t want to go through the hassle of browsing a sea of options on the internet. RIO makes the best pads for heavy flow available in the market today. The top layer is cottony- soft, absorbs the blood along with the clots, and keeps you free of rashes and irritation. All RIO pads are Sulphur, paraben, and chemical fragrance-free.

Better your periods with RIO!

 Sanitary pads are a really good place to start. When your daughter becomes familiar with her body and her period, she can explore for herself the other options that are available in the market today. Pads are easy enough for the beginning.



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