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Guards vs Wings. What is suitable for Heavy Flow Period?

Women are
superheroes and even though they don’t wear capes all the time, once a month,
they have their own pair of wings. Wings on their pads! Similar to the cape,
wings sound great until you find yourself doing the awkward crab walk in the
middle of the day because it needs to be adjusted. This has got to end. So
we’ve decided to help you find out, once and for all, what’s best suited for
you: Guards or Wings? Let’s begin!

Firstly, what really is the difference between
guards and wings?

Think of wings as
a sticky tape that attaches itself to the underside of your period panties.
They help keep your pad in place. Whereas, guards are a soft yet protective
wall which is made of a material that keeps any liquid from spilling out.

Are wings really reliable?

  1. Wings in an ordinary napkin create crater-like depressions on the side which allows period fluid to easily pass through
  2. There is no mechanism in place to prevent, stop or catch the blood that leaks
  3. When the wings are not positioned properly, the pad shifts around and fail to provide the coverage you require

Here’s what one out of the million women who suffer through heavy flow had to say about her experience with wings:

So what do women with a heavy flow turn to instead of safety pins when their ordinary sanitary napkins just won’t do? The answer is pads with guards, of course!

How are guards any different? Imagine this: Just like guards in our world who help keep unwanted visitors from getting in and out. These guards, too, act as secure filters that prevent period fluid from escaping the confines of your pad!

Why are guards better than wings?

A single heavy bleeding cycle can cause women to lose up to 80 ml or more of blood and pass gigantic clots. How do you expect delicate wings in an ordinary sanitary pad to cope with the struggles of a heavy flow?

Guards provide a
simple solution. The guards are located within the product and are designed to
prevent leaks during long periods of time, especially at night. Leak guards are
beneficial for side sleepers. Each guard creates an additional layer of
protection on each side of the leg opening (where leaks mostly occur).

With guards, the comfortable fit makes sure you’re stress-free and your clothes remain stain-free. Due to its immense and undeniable importance, guards as a feature was specially incorporated by RIO to help provide women with the peace of mind and security they deserve during their heavy flow period.

RIO Pads for heavy flow were created as a one-stop solution for all things related to heavy flow periods. Apart from guards, they also contain other features that you need to combat the issue of heavy bleeding periods. RIO Pads absorb 3X more than an ordinary napkin which means that you won’t have to run to the washroom every couple of hours to change your pad anymore! They last much longer and keep the pad free of any bacteria, odour and irritation! But that’s not all, it is also free of artificial fragrance and chemical irritants that make it the ideal solution even when you have sensitive skin. It really doesn’t get any better than this, so what are you waiting for? Switch to RIO Pads with guards and say goodbye to your fear of leakage!


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