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Do you wake up in the middle of the night just to change pads?

Have you tried stacking pads on top of each other to avoid staining?

Have you been crippled by cramps during your periods but asked to tough your way through the pain?

Do you struggle to keep your weight in check?

If you have been nodding along to all the questions above, the chances are that you might be suffering from PCOS or Polycystic Ovary Syndrome.


PCOS or Polycystic Ovary Syndrome is a hormonal disorder indicated by the excessive production of androgenic or male hormones in a woman’s body. It can cause the size of the ovaries to expand and small cysts to develop on the outer edges. It mainly affects women in their childbearing years, between the ages of 14 and 44.

You should seek medical help immediately if the following symptoms occur, which are telltale signs of PCOS—

  • heavy bleeding
  • irregular and unpredictable menstrual cycles
  • obesity or difficulty in losing weight
  • excessive hair growth in body parts like your chest, belly and face
  • pigmentation around the folds of your skin
  • skin acne
  • difficulty in conceiving
  • high blood sugar level

In such a bleak scenario, it becomes necessary to remove any more stressors from your surrounding which might cause you to lose your mental peace. RIO heavy-duty pads come to the rescue of women who are constantly worried about staining their clothes during periods. It is designed especially for women with PCOS, PCOD and early onset menopause. It soaks up the clots in your blood to give you a dry, rash and irritation-free period. RIO has got you covered, literally!

The causes of PCOS are still unknown, but experts believe that a combination of genetic and environmental conditions are to be blamed, increase in insulin levels can increase androgen production, which could lead to a hormonal imbalance too.  In PCOS, a person’s body weight and lifestyle choices play a very important part.


If a woman’s life weren’t already full of troubles, PCOS is here to have you covered! Infertility or problems in conceiving, unnatural bleeding from the uterus, endometrial cancer, miscarriage or premature birth during pregnancy are all complaints that women with PCOS have.

Mental health issues like depression, anxiety and eating disorders due to the increased body weight have also been linked with PCOS.

PCOS can bring on a host of other really serious diseases like type 2 diabetes, prediabetes, heart diseases, high blood sugar level, high blood pressure and increased cholesterol levels. Obesity worsens this condition a lot more.


The most common question posed by women with this condition is how to manage PCOS effectively. Medications can help greatly, but you should understand and accept that it is something that will never entirely go away and keep making choices that are good for you in the long- run. RIO heavy-duty pads are especially designed for women who bleed like kisi ne nal chala dia ho.  It has got you covered with material that will not chafe your skin, a pad that does not bunch up anywhere and lasts twice more than your regular sanitary pad. RIO is a good choice for you in the long run!

Making a few changes in your diet and keeping yourself fit and active can go a long way in managing PCOS. However, a healthy diet and lifestyle should not be the reason to skip your doctor’s appointment. The best way to manage PCOS is a healthy lifestyle coupled with the prescribed medicines and frequent visits to a medical professional.

A PCOS treatment diet looks like a healthy diet for any regular person, but patients with this condition experience a slower metabolism rate than normal which could make curbing food cravings a little harder. Patients with  PCOS should avoid sweet, sugary food and beverages; they should also take care to steer clear of junk, and fried foods, refined carbohydrates like pastries, pasta and white bread are a big no-no, processed meats and foods like ice- cream, candy, meats in a burger should be avoided. But hey, you can cheat once in a while on your weak days but remember to bounce back just as strong!


This might be the answer you have been looking for all along if you’ve constantly been googling “how to manage PCOS naturally?”

A diet for PCOS should include the following foods :

  • Unprocessed, natural foods are the best for patients with PCOS
  • High fiber foods like lentils, beans and legumes
  • Fatty fishes like tuna, salmon and mackerel
  • Leafy green vegetables like spinach, kale, fennel and fenugreek leaves
  • Nuts and seeds
  • Spices like turmeric and cinnamon

Other foods like berries, broccoli, and avocado are good sources of fiber and nutrition.

If you are struggling with PCOS, know that YOU ARE NOT ALONE. With unhealthy changes in lifestyle, more and more women are being affected by this condition.

Have a support system that understands you well and has your back no matter what. It can get really frustrating when nobody around you truly listens to you and supports you, seeking therapy to get the weight off your chest. Connecting with people from the same community who share similar experiences can make you feel heard and your concerns valid; getting support from these communities can help tremendously. Take frequent breaks to maintain your emotional well-being. Lastly, surround yourself with the people you love and avoid stress and negativity.


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