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exchange4media – Blood takes centre stage in Nobel Hygiene’s sanitary pad commercial with Radhika Apte


RIO, the first sanitary pad designed for women with heavy flow, launched it’s communication campaign today. With Radhika Apte as the face of the campaign, they aim to spread awareness about heavy flow and establish the inadequacy of existing solutions.

The campaign will also seek to educate the audience on the pains of heavy flow and its main causes being PCOD and early onset of menopause, create solidarity among women facing it by letting them know they are not alone and encouraging them to talk about it. RIO has already taken up a raw and real approach with their Digital Audios released with #MyBloodySecret. The same tone is carried forward in the TVC with Radhika Apte calling Heavy Flow, for what it is. The imagery used is true, and brings out the problems of heavy flow without mincing any words and striking imagery. After the successful digital leg, that saw a plethora of women share their stories on heavy flow, the video campaign will take the conversation a step further.

Heavy Flow is not considered as a separate medical problem, but a personal complication. Combine it with a general reluctance in visiting a doctor and most cases of Heavy Flow remain undiagnosed. Thus, women refrain from opening up about it and continue to suffer in silence. RIO’s own qualitative and quantitative research re-affirmed this view and threw light on the pain and the ostracization that women face because of it across different strata of society.

Click on the image to view the TVC

Click on the image to view the TVC



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