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Working out on normal days is a pain. But, how to work out on your period? Absolute hell. Or you could be facing a completely different dilemma. If you are a fitness junkie, you might be distressed about ruining your fitness regime.

We have good news for both! Your physical activities shouldn’t take a hit just because you are on your period. In fact, studies have shown that exercise during period days can help in relieving period symptoms that are causing a ruckus in your brain.

Before you begin with the exercises, make sure you are perfectly at ease. Take a few suggestions from us:

  • Wear light, comfortable clothes
  • Have some water standby
  • Play soothing music
  • Don’t forget to wear pads that ensure full mobility

Wear RIO Pads. RIO Pads are made with the softest material to ensure you are free of rashes and irritation. The top sheet absorbs the blood clots just as well as it absorbs liquid blood; it is also anti-bacterial to prevent any bacterial infections or nasties. The deep channels ensure the blood doesn’t remain sitting on the top layers. RIO pads are fit to be worn during exercise or a lazy day at home because they don’t crumple up and cause discomfort.

Choose RIO; choose a better period!

Why should you exercise during your period?

Working out on your period can help with:

  • Alleviating mood by the release of endorphins
  • Easing menstrual cramps
  • Decreasing other PMS symptoms like irritability
  • Gaining more strength and power due to lower levels of estrogen

So, how to exercise during the period?

Keep exercising as you normally would. However, you should take care to lower the intensity level of your workouts. This should be done, especially if you’re feeling fatigued. Your hormones, both estrogen and progesterone, are at their all-time low during the period days of your menstrual cycle, which might cause you to tire out more easily. The key here is to tune into what your body needs and do as it says.

Your periods might be a good time for you to try different things because you are allowed to keep the intensity low. You can start with a physical activity slowly and keep going and increase the intensity after your period days if you like it enough.

Now that we have answered the “why” and the “how”, let’s dive straight into the exercises for period days that don’t suck.

Which exercise is best during periods?

The best exercise during the period is the one that makes you feel good. No, really, you have a lot of options. If you’re unsure, we’ll take you through the list of exercises to do during your period. Here are a few:

Yoga and Meditation – Doing yoga and meditation might be your best choice if you feel discomfort during your periods since it can help relax the body. No crazy yoga poses around this time of the month, though. Keep it light and simple. Try cobra pose, cat-cow pose, etc.

Light cardio – Go for a light walk or engage in some other cardiovascular activity that is low in intensity.

Strength- training – There is some evidence which suggests that you might feel more powerful physically than usual when your period begins due to low levels of estrogen. This might be your time to start light strength training and other power-based activities.

Dancing – Terrible mood swings? What better way to shake it off than dancing? Dancing can alleviate your mood while also proving to be a fun and effective workout.

Stretching – Something is better than nothing, right? If you’re just rolling on your bed during your periods, or you might be too uncomfortable to go out for a walk, why not try some stretching? It is gentle and relaxing for your muscles, and you can do it right in the comfort of your home.

These should be good enough to break you out into a sweat! How do you like to keep your body moving during your period? Let us know down below!


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