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The Best Cotton Sanitary Pads – All You Need to Know

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What are Cotton Sanitary Pads?

Cotton sanitary pads are menstrual pads which have a cottony-top sheet. They are usually made of mixed cotton fibers, microfibers or wood pulp

The best cotton pads for periods are soft, breathable and non- toxic. They are devoid of plastic material on the top surface of the pad. We’ll tell you why this is important in a moment.

Why are Cotton Pads better than Regular Pads?

Cotton pads are miles ahead of their primitive cousins- regular pads. Regular pads have a top-layer that is made of plastic and consists plastic ridges. If you see plastic on the top surface of your pad, chances are your pad brand is trying to cut down on the manufacturing costs of the pads and give you a cheaper, less efficient alternative of cotton. These ridges can rub against your skin and make it irritated, chafing with regular pads is quite common too. These plastic ridges, sometimes, can also get in the way of absorption of liquid blood and clots.

  • Cotton sanitary pads on the other hand are gentle on your skin, prevent rashes and irritation. They provide you with excellent absorbency, are also breathable since there is no plastic. These pads are hypoallergenic to prevent fungal infections from all the blood that is accumulated inside the pad.

RIO Cottony Soft Pads – The Best Cotton Pad for Periods in India

The name speaks for itself! RIO Cottony Soft Sanitary Pads are super comfortable. The top layer is made of a cottony soft cover, which makes for a pleasant experience all day long. RIO Cottony Soft Sanitary Pads:

  • Have an hourglass shape for full coverage
  • World SAP technology that instantly soaks liquid leaks to turn it into gel form.
  • A raised center with deep channels, so the blood doesn’t remain lurking on the surface of the pad
  • Strong glue base so the pad doesn’t move about your underwear.
  • Wings to help the pad remain glued in place.
  • Anti-bacterial, anti-odour, devoid of harmful chemicals, artificial fragrances, chlorine and other toxins.

Better your periods with RIO!

RIO Cottony Soft Pads have been rated the best cotton sanitary pads in India. Let’s hear it from a few of our users.

I have extremely sensitive skin, but since switching to RIO cottony soft pads, I’ve had no rashes or itching. Best sanitary pads for regular flow as I don’t have to worry about leakage while sleeping.

– A Trekker

Blood kahan jata hai malum hi nahi padta. Chip-chipi wali feeling bhi nahi aati. Really loveee RIO’s Cotton Soft Pad.

Devyani Ramesh Gupta, 21 years old.

Unlike other pads, even after a full day at work, the cotton inside the pad doesn’t come out. I’ve never been happier. No other pad has been able to do this. Really glad I went for these pads.

Parul Verma, 38 years old, a resident of Delhi.

That’s it from us! If you’re still dealing with rashes from regular pads, ditch them already!


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