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5 Ways to Enjoy Your Holi During Your Periods

Are You Afraid of These Period Complications During This Holi?

 It’s the month of March, the sun is out, you are decked up and all set to be part of the most vibrant Holi celebrations in town, but the sudden arrival of your period plays a major spoilsport in your plans.

Having your periods coincide with Holi can severely affect your ability to participate in the fun and frolic. You find yourself being unable to run and jump around without the constant worry looming overhead that your pad will slip away from position when colored water is thrown at you.

While your worst possible nightmare would be blood seeping out of your white clothes and attracting stares in public. The general uneasiness, discomfort in your body brought about by my periods and menstrual cramps make you rethink your involvement in all the quintessential Holi activities. Thus, there’s not one moment you can spend without the long list of period complications holding you back from having your ideal Holi.

Enjoy The Season of Colours With Enthusiasm

Let’s take a look at five things you must keep in mind on how to play holi during periods.

1.Plan ahead :

A little planning ahead of time will ensure that you are safe than sorry as you deal with your periods during Holi. Firstly, to avoid any sudden surprises, you should maintain a Period Tracking Diary or use a Period Tracker App that will effectively keep track of your menstrual cycle menstruation symptoms and help you identify your body needs better.

Being a festival that calls for active physical participation, suitable menstrual hygiene products are necessary for having a happy and safe Holi while menstruating. Having in mind, the duration that you are going to stay out of home and knowing about the accessibility of restroom services there will enable you to choose the right sanitary pads.

Alongside, for extra protection and good hygiene, it’s always good to keep a bag filled with a pair of undergarments, sanitary pads, hand sanitizer, and wipes. Since you may not be able to rush home immediately to apply a hot water bag if you feel abdominal cramps, heating patches would come in handy in emergencies.

2.Select the correct dimensions :

The wrong sized sanitary pads can cause you much trouble on your periods by significantly increasing the chances of undesirable leakage and staining. Thus, you must consciously opt for a sanitary pad with dimensions that provide maximum coverage from front to back and are compatible with your body type and your menstrual blood flow intensity. With sanitary pads that fit you right, you can enjoy Holi with minimal stress, more ease, and higher mobility.

3.Stay comfortable :

To enjoy Holi to the fullest as your periods continue, you must prioritize your comfort and put yourself first. Wear comfortable loose clothing that allows your body to relax and breathe in. It’s okay if you have to ditch the holi outfit you planned weeks before, as being fashionable is never the equivalent of being uncomfortable. In addition to that, you do not have to feel compelled to play Holi with water, as getting your clothes soaked up while you bleed can feel quite inconvenient.

4.Keep yourself hydrated and eat healthy :

The female body undergoes considerable hormonal upheavals during menstruation. As a result, women have reduced immunity and increased nutritional requirements. Even though the traditional Holi delicacies and sweets such as Puran Poli, gujiya, malpua, and barfi may appear very tempting, the consumption of these excessive sugar and carbs on your period might make you feel bloated, tired, cause headaches and even worsen existing menstrual cramps.

The rise and fall of blood sugar levels brought about by the consumption of processed sugary foods lead to irregular periods and other related complications among women suffering from polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS).

Also, it’s vital to stay hydrated as cramps are triggered by dehydration at times. The easiest way to do the same is to sip on water at every chance you get and consider skipping the thandaai.

5.Bathe in lukewarm water :

For the best overall Holi experience on your periods, you can’t afford to skip on maintaining proper post-holi hygiene. Washing yourself with lukewarm water and a mild soap will aid in preventing any infections and completely get rid of all color and odor.

 Enjoy The Most of Holi This Festive Season With RIO Pads

 Several research studies show that over 60% of women tend to wear the wrong size/ type of pad and instead internalize the fact that sanitary pads are all the same with a poor absorption capacity. However, RIO Heavy Flow Pads – the best sanitary pads for a heavy flow are here to challenge your misconceptions. These extra-absorbent sanitary pads prove that leak-free periods are possible with pads that fit you perfectly.

 Can we play Holi during periods? Yes, this festive season with RIO Heavy Flow Pads, you can play holi to your heart’s desire and no longer have to sit back at home while everyone around you is out and about. Now, you can enjoy Holi to the fullest without periods acting as a deterrent.

 Suffering from heavy menstrual bleeding can only add to your period troubles amidst the festivities since changing your sanitary napkin every one to two hours becomes physically impossible. In this situation, wearing two or more sanitary hygiene products meant for light flow together can make you more vulnerable to infection and skin irritation instead of helping to manage your period symptoms.

 We at RIO consider your protection and comfort during menstruation to be our first priority. We have created pads with special Japanese SAP (Super Absorbent Polymer) technology to contain intense gushes and blood clots with utmost ease. The multiple-layer cotton core works to convert the soaked liquid into gel form faster for optimal protection and comfort.

 The heavy-duty RIO Pads come with double cotton wings, extra glue grips, and side leg guards to keep the pad securely in place and prevent it from rolling or folding in any way as you embrace the festival of colors with all its glory. In addition to that, the anti-bacterial and aloe vera enhanced RIO pads are entirely free of all artificial chemicals and friendly to your sensitive skin. Also, the odor lock in the RIO pads makes it perfect for long-term wear during Holi.

 Thus, you can breeze through your Holi celebrations during your period with RIO Heavy Flow Pads.



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