Choose the Best Sanitary Pads in India for #BetterPeriods.

It`s amazing how much goes wrong when you`re using the wrong pad. Mother`s favourite, neighbour`s dearest or friends` ‘super best period pads` just doesn`t cut it? The best sanitary pads for YOU are those that better YOUR periods.

Choose You, Choose RIO.

New and improved

Heavy Flow

Super-absorbent, XXL from every angle, with double wings. Complete coverage while keeping you dry, rash- and irritation free.


Cottony Soft

Super-absorbent cottony cover for a rash-free, irritation-free experience. So soft you’ll forget it’s there!


Comfort Weave

Netted, super-absorbent weave cover for all-day comfort in hot and humid weather. Quick absorption for a 100% dry feel.

Sanitary pads or Period Pads are absorbent pads that women use during menstruation. They come in different sizes and shapes, and are disposable.

Regular Flow
Sanitary Pads

These Are Made By Most Sanitary Pads Brands In India.

  • Slimmer; meant for women who bleed up to 40ml per period.

  • Regular flow sanitary pads do not soak clots.

  • RIO Regular Flow Sanitary Pads are slimmer, longer and come in two variants— Cottony Soft with a super-soft finish and Comfort Weave which gives an ultra-dry feel.


Heavy Flow
Sanitary Pads

These are specialised pads customised to soak higher amounts of menstrual blood.

  • Thicker, longer; meant for women who bleed between 40-90ml on their period.

  • RIO Heavy Flow Sanitary Pads are engineered to soak clots.

  • RIO Heavy Flow Pads with double wings are the best heavy flow sanitary pads for periods which are heavier in nature due to PCOS, menopause, endometriosis and such conditions

All RIO pads are 100% sulphur, paraben and chemical fragrance-free. These keep your skin protected, soft and safe from dangerous conditions. So, the next time you buy sanitary pads online make an informed choice. Buy the pad that understands your flow.


Our extra-long, super-soft, ultra-absorbent pads soak up your blood clots, and all your period woes.

Choose your pad as per your flow

3X absorption


Always dry feel

dry feel

Irritation free

Irritation free

  • touchless

    Touchless Manufacturing

  • chlorine

    No Artificial Fragrance

  • latex

    Latex Free

  • fragrance

    Chlorine Free



I really liked it alot. It was very comfortable. It was the same as I had imagined. It is broad, long, wide, soft and long-lasting too. It gave me no problems. I will give 5 stars to this pad.

Just like I imagined! 5 stars!

Mother of a six year old boy & teacher


This one was quite smooth, and soft. The feeling was good, comfortable. I thought the blue line was there because it could soak more. It was a nice feeling. Not ‘on periods’ feeling. I think sanitary pads brand absorbs more. I would like to recommend this as the best pads for periods in India.

Didn’t ‘feel’ the period!

- TCS Employee


No leakage, the upper layer is very soft, and smooth and works for a longer period of time. I change my current pad 6-7 times while with RIO sanitary pads, I change only 4-5 times. The blue part that I liked I feel is absorbing more, no leakage at all. These are the best pads for periods.

Lasts really long!

- Qualified CA & homemaker


Yeh period pads bilkul bhi uncomfortable nahi hai, ekdum lightweight hai aur theek se mere clots absorb karta hai. Mujhe malum hi nahi pada ki clots waha hai. Wo joh chip chipa tha woh poora absorb kar liya. Real mein mujhe bathroom mein jane ki wapas jarurat nahi padi. RIO is one of the best sanitary pads brands in India.

No need to go to the bathroom!

- Homemaker and has a son

There’s More To It Than Just Periods!

Get real with Rio

Benefits of Rio Sanitary Pads


Make The Right Choice With RIO Heavy Duty Pads For Heavy Flow

What significance does this balloon hold for you? For us, it is a symbol of strength and resilience of each and every woman who goes through heavy flow periods.


RIO vs Ordinary Pad: The better choice?

To check which one is a better solution for Heavy Flow, we conducted a small test comparing RIO pads with an ordinary sanitary napkin. The result? Check it out for yourself!


The Bloody Secrets Teaser

The pain, angst, and discomfort felt because of heavy flow, is not a guarded secret. It is a brutal experience, and it is your truth.


The Bloody Secrets | Safety Pin

A lot of women use safety pins to keep their pad secure.


The Bloody Secrets | Train

Would you ever dare to change your pad while traveling in a train?


The Bloody Secrets | Sofa

Even today, there are women who are stripped off of having basic privileges in their own homes.


The Bloody Secrets | Pure

Have you ever had to wash your own used pad during your periods every month?


The Bloody Secrets | Holi

How do you feel about Holi? Does it remind you of your periods?


The Bloody Secrets | Journey

What would you do if all the passengers around you came to know you have stained?


The Bloody Secrets | Office

Periods are not supposed to relate to discomfort. But unfortunately, most women do.


The Bloody Secrets | Alarm Clock

Do you also wake up every few hours at night, to check if you have stained your underwear?


The Bloody Secrets | Pond

Have you ever had to stick a new pad over an already used one?


The Bloody Secrets | Hotel

Imagine being on a work trip and you wake up to stained bedsheets. How would you feel?

Have Any Questions? Look For Answers Below

What are sanitary pads?

Sanitary pads are specifically designed for individuals who experience an outpour of blood every month from their vagina. Menstrual products have evolved from being just cloths and rags to now pads that are equipped to take a heavy flow, have odour-lock technology, and engineered to absorb blood clots even! If you're looking for a pad that has all these features and is beginner- friendly, buy RIO Sanitary Pads online on e-commerce websites, or from your local pharmacy.

Are sanitary pads safe ?

Yes! The best sanitary pads are fashioned to ensure its users remain protected from harmful fragrances, parabens, latex, chlorine and other toxins that are usually found in sanitary pads. RIO Sanitary Pads protect you from all the harm of a badly engineered pad such as leaks, wetness and irritation. We are proud to be the only one of all the sanitary pads brands in India that is synonymous with the solution for a heavy flow period.

How often do I change sanitary pads?

The best sanitary pads are those which guard you from the crippling fear of staining yourself, having rashes due to an inefficient pad and one which guarantees full mobility! RIO Sanitary Pads are the best quality pads for periods because they are built to ensure you have a better period!

Are pads from the RIO sanitary pads brand comfortable?

Sanitary pads must be changed every 3-4 hours, regardless of whether you have a regular, moderate or heavy flow. Period pads do have antibacterial layers and soak liquid briskly, but they still house blood, a favourite for bacteria and fungi. So, even if your pad feels dry and comfortable, you need a change!

How to wear a sanitary pad?

Top-tier sanitary pads brand will tell you exactly how to go about using their product. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to use RIO Sanitary Pads: 1. Most sanitary pads come encased in a protective pouch, take the pad out of it and save the pouch. 2. Peel the paper wrapper off the back of the pad. 3. Stick the gluey side of the pad onto your underwear. 4. Peel the paper wrapper off the wings at the edges of your pad. 5. Now, stick it around your underwear and press everything firmly in place. You’re ready to go! 6. After use, roll the pad and dispose of it in the same pouch you saved earlier.

What is a RIO Pad?

RIO sanitary napkins are the first Indian sanitary pads for heavy flow period. RIO heavy flow Pads have been specially designed keeping in mind the needs of women suffering from heavy flow periods.

What is the RIO sanitary pads price?

RIO Pads are available in packs of 12 for a cost of INR 179.

Tired of changing pads every two hours when on your period? Fed up of leaks, stains, canceling plans, and other such period pains? RIO sanitary pads are here to make your life easier. Customised for women who face heavy flow, the RIO pad is not an ordinary sanitary napkin. As the name ‘RIO heavy flow pads’ suggests, these pads are three times as absorbent as regular pads, and XL in every which way.
At RIO, we understand that the modern woman has to juggle many hats一home, work, relationships. Why then should periods be an added responsibility? Which is where we at RIO pads, come in. RIO sanitary pads last longer, are softer, sturdier and take the task of making the lives of our customers easier very seriously.
So what are you waiting for? Say hello to stress-free periods and switch to RIO sanitary pads.So that while you take care of the world, RIO pads can take care of you.
Benefits of RIO Pads
RIO sanitary pads are heavy-duty pads built for maximum absorption and comfort. A few features of the RIO heavy flow pad that makes it superior to the average sanitary pad are as follows:
  1. XL from every angle: RIO heavy flow pads are 350mm in length & 140mm in width, a dimension we found most suited to the body structure of the Indian woman. Being thicker, longer and wider makes RIO pads perfect especially for women dealing with bleeding and heavy clotting from menorrhoea, PCOS, PCOD and menopause.
  1. Engineered for absorption: RIO sanitary pads are equipped with an Acquisition Dispersion Layer or ADL gel-layer that helps spread menstrual blood through the length of the pad making sure RIO pad users do not experience sticky wetness. The menstrual fluid is then soaked by high-quality SAP (Super Absorbent Polymer), a powder-like substance that can absorb water up to a hundred times its mass by turning it into a gel. It is the presence of this SAP an ADL that makes RIO pads the perfect defence against spurts, gushes, and large-sized clots.
  1. World Class Ingredients: RIO pads will always put your body first. During our research to develop workable prototypes for RIO pads for heavy flow we found that the fragrance layer used on sanitary pads may contain chemicals linked to cervical cancer. Thus, we make sure our heavy flow pads are free of artificial fragrances and chlorine, latex, or other chemicals that may cause rashes or irritate your skin. Instead, our pads are finished with a soft cotton top-layer that allow for greater softness and comfort. Our antibacterial Japanese SAP technology, meanwhile, helps provide a guaranteed odour lock eliminating the need for artificial fragrances.
  1. Leak-Proof: While developing prototypes for the ideal RIO pad, we studied leakproof technologies used in both diapers and menstrual pads. Diapers, we found, are equipped with a slim band made of hydrophobic material that keeps fluid from spilling onto the thighs. While developing RIO Heavy Flow Pads, we borrowed this technology as a replacement to wings, which we found create a convex shape that allows liquid to pass through gaps. Hydrophobic guards on RIO heavy flow pads, meanwhile, act as a lining along the length of the pad and counter these gaps.
RIO pads versus regular sanitary napkins
Gushing hormones, backaches, headaches, debilitating abdominal pain一we understand that periods are not an easy experience. Which is why, as you deal with the world, RIO heavy flow pads aim to at least take your mind off the fear of leaks and constant changes.
  1. Compared to the regular sanitary pad, RIO heavy flow pads are longer, thicker and wider. This allows more space for the collection of menstrual fluid, and a sense of security to wearers of RIO pads.
  2. RIO pads are latex-, suplhate- and chemical-free, making sure your skin remains safe from harmful materials.
  3. While normal sanitary pads last 2-3 hours in the face of heavy flow. RIO pads are engineered to last up to 6 hours. This provides sufferers of heavy flow relief from regular changes.
  4. RIO pads are equipped with a SAP filling that enhances absorption and provides an anti-bacterial odor lock.
  5. While RIO Heavy Flow Pads are not yet biodegradable, in a means to reduce our plastic footprint, we have eliminated the disposable plastic wrap that regular sanitary napkins come with.
When to use a heavy flow pad?
Heavy flow and achy cramps are often symptoms of periods. However debilitating pain, irregular flow or frequent clotting that acts as a constant interruption to your daily life can be caused due to various conditions including hormonal imbalances, dysfunction of the ovaries, uterine fibroids, polyps, pregnancy complications, PCOS and PCOD. Usually, women lose an average of 30 to 40 milliliters of blood during a period, however women with heavy bleeding may lose upto 80 millilitres in a single period. If you are having to change your pad or tampon every few hours, especially during the night you are possibly experiencing heavy flow and should consult your doctor to understand your symptoms better. Your doctor may prescribe certain tablets, hormonal treatments or diet changes to help you deal with your symptoms. They may even prescribe special products such as RIO heavy flow pads to make sure you aren’t worried by leaks or frequent pad changes.
How to use RIO heavy flow pads
RIO heavy flow pads can be purchased at your chemist or online on e-commerce sites including Amazon and Flipkart. To use the pad, situate yourself in a clean dry place and extract one pad from our pack. Paste the pad firmly onto the crotch area of your panty and use your forefinger and thumb to adjust the standing leg guard to make sure it sticks up from the pad surface. Now, wear the panty and smoothen with your hands to make sure the RIO heavy flow pad covers you from front to back. So far, thousands of women who suffer from menorrhagia, PCOD, PCOS, menopause and other such conditions have switched to a stress-free period with RIO sanitary pads, and swear by us. We hope you too will join the sisterhood to experience the magic of a no-leak, no-fuss period!
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